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My Poor Little Attention Span

The last few weeks smushed togetherWatch this video on YouTube In case you can’t handle absorbing things in larger than one second increments, here is a compilation video from the last few weeks at the gym, including one of our … Continue reading

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July BJJ Theme: Guard

Guard. If you look around a BJJ floor at any given time during rolls, you’re likely to see about 50% of the pairs of players in some sort of guard. Given the frequent occurrence of the position, it makes sense … Continue reading

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Round and Round We Go

My head is spinning…Watch this video on YouTube What have we done over the last three weeks? Lots of combinations in the MDP classes, work on the butterfly guard in BJJ, keeping our hands up in kids class during sparring, … Continue reading

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Summer Strength!

It’s not officially summer, but it’s never too soon to offer a special, right? Well here it is. Pay $100 today and you can train at the gym all the way through August 31st in any/all the classes you want. … Continue reading

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Membership Benefits

As you can see, we’ve added a new membership benefit: if you’re a paying gym member, you get $20 off a massage with one of our favorite LMTs, George Bare of Vital Integrity Massage. Pretty cool stuff, obviously, but did … Continue reading

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