You're broken pinky is showing, Wally.

Wally Jones enjoys burpees, which means he’s probably not even human. He’s a level 2 CrossFit Coach.

Spencer shines on his children. Chris might swallow you while with that smile.

Spencer French dominates the morning classes like the sun dominates the sky. That’s his shining head in the middle. Spencer is a Level 2 CrossFit Coach. Chris Poulson is the moon to Spencer’s sun. He is on the far left. Brian Lau is a star in the canopy of the 6am universe. He is on the far right.

Haha! He’s having more fun than you!

Geoff’s favorite thing about coaching is helping students progress through the cornucopia of skills that a CrossFitter must possess. To this end, he has mountains of patience, myriads of metaphors, a kettlebell, and a paintbrush.