Adult Intro

Instead of our usual Intro series, for September (our first full month in our new space), we are offering an amazing $25 for a month of unlimited classes. Here’s the offer:

$25 for a month of unlimited training in all our adult classes. That means you can train Martial Arts, Yoga, CrossFit, Systema, Self-Defense, Muay-Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Fitness Kickboxing, and whatever else is on our schedule as much as you want for a month.

Grand Opening Special
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In addition, if you stay on, we’ll give you your second month 50% off. Do you have to stay on? No. There is no obligation or contract here. You get a month of classes for only $25. All you have to do is pay and show up in the month of September. Your month will begin the day you start and end 31 days later.

If you don’t show up in September, we are happy to give you $25 off our regular monthly rate when you do show up.

This offer is valid only for our adult programs and only for students new to the gym. Check our schedule and get all the specifics of times and days.