Getting Started

How do I get started with training?

We recognize that the hardest part of starting anything new is… actually starting. Our policy for all programs is: all new students must try a free week of classes. You may start your free week any time, simply go to our schedule page a register for a class. We also offer month long once a week intro classes, you can check those out here. The intention behind the free week is to offer you a risk free opportunity to try things out. Pick a class, register and show up. Remember, wanting to train and talking about training won’t produce much in the way of results. Getting in and actually training will. We aim to make the process of starting as straight forward as possible. If you’re ready to register for a class and start your free week, here is the CrossFit schedule, here’s the Martial Arts schedule, and here’s the Kid’s schedule (for the kids, we do ask you fill out a form first. Go here to do that.)

What if I don’t need a free week and I just want to sign up?

We encourage all prospective students do a free week. Make sure the program works for you.  Come in and see if you get along with the community. Make sure the classes fit in with the rest of your life schedule. See if the program fits your goals. Take the week to examine any transportation issues you might have getting to and from the school. We don’t want you giving us your money unless the training is going to work for you.

Is there a specific class for beginners that I should start with?

We work hard to welcome beginners in all our classes. If you are nervous about jumping into class, you’re welcome to watch class to get an idea of what we do. We also offer intro series every month for most of our programs – check the events tab to see what’s available.

What should I wear/bring to class?

Wear whatever you are comfortable moving in. Bring a water bottle.
For the martial arts classes, it’s best to wear long pants and no shoes. If you have a pair of indoor training shoes, or a pair of grippy socks that you love, you are welcome to wear those.

How do I sign my child up for classes?

Fill out this form and we’ll let you know when you can come in and try a free week. If they are hesitant, have them watch a class and see if that makes them more comfortable. Some children jump right in, while others need to see what they are getting into. Get them through the door and then ask them after the class if they enjoyed it (or if they watched, if they want to try it next time).  If they say yes, great!  Have them train for a week and if they are still excited, sign them up. If they say they didn’t like the class, that’s fine too! The primary function of the free week is to allow students to see if the community is a good fit for them.

I want to start but I’m having trouble getting myself there.  What can I do?

Here are some ideas that have helped others get started:

Have a friend do the free week with you – even if they have no interest in signing up, they can kick start your new good habit. Maybe they’ll even end up liking classes and signing up with you.

Talk to friends and family  about how and when you intend to go try class. Build some positive peer pressure for yourself.

Write out the reasons why training interests you and what your goals are. Inspire yourself.

I want to train but I’m broke.  What can I do?

If you want to train in the regular classes but can’t afford it, come in and try the free week.  After the free week, if you like the classes, write us an email, give us a call or come in and tell us what you are going to exchange (instead of money) in return for taking classes. We are happy to trade classes for goods or services. Our experience has been, however, that most people email us their really cool trading ideas but then never actually show up to try class. Try the free week first – move, get up and get through the door – worry about money later.