The purpose of the requirement lists is to communicate the basic knowledge required for each rank to as many students as possible in as clear a manner as possible. Use it to review skills you already know, to remember the names of techniques and to note techniques not yet learned. If there are questions about the hows, whys or whats of a technique, ask a senior student to help. If they don’t know, they’ll ask someone senior to them. The question may go all the way up the ranks to the head instructor teacher and then it should filter its way back to you.  Great! That means more people get a chance to learn. Your one question may change the way the requirement gets taught to students in the future, thus helping to establish clearer communication.   Remember, techniques are a starting point.  Being able to use techniques against an actively resisting opponent is the goal.

 Adult Sash Requirements

Adult belt progression

Adult Training Manual

Chapter 1 – Beginner
Chapter 2 – Intermediate

Chapter 3 – Orange Sash

Chapter 4 – Purple Sash

Chapter 5 – Blue Sash

Chapter 6 – Green Sash
Chapter 7 – Brown Sash

Kid’s Sash Requirements

Kid’s belt progression

Kid’s Training Manual

The 9 C’s
The fighting principles