SW Portland Martial Arts Blog

Day 24: It’s all sideways now…

April 6th, 2020

And by sideways, I mean we’ve got themes going on… sideways themes. In kid’s class, we did SIDE kicks.

And in the CrossFit workout, we did one armed presses. On one SIDE then the other SIDE.

For the solo striking work, we slipped to the SIDE!

And for the solo kata work, shadow boxing came flying out of the SIDEhatch. (Okay, that one’s a stretch, but I was trying, I swear.)

Day 22: Your Couch is a Workout Machine

April 4th, 2020

There you are. In your living room. The couch is the enemy, right? WRONG! The couch is an amazing tool that you can use to workout with. Watch how coach Alli turns that couch in your living room from zero to hero.

How do you work your striking without punch pads? Obviously, you use a plushy hedgehog toy as a target. Okay, maybe it isn’t obvious but most of y’all probably have a throw pillow or a stuffy or SOMETHING you can hit. Join Lara and I and get some punching in. Today we focused on level changing.

Day 21: Frogstand, Side Rolls, and Structure!

April 3rd, 2020

In today’s CrossFit workout, we try out a different work to rest ratio. Why? Why not just do the same workout over and over? Because variety helps you understand your physical capacity and understanding what you are capable of is (at the very least) fun. Do work. Keep it varied.

For kid’s class today, we worked the side roll. Man, that roll is HARD! But the good news is we showed 3 different versions and the first version everyone should be able to get… the third one, though? It’s tough. But we like challenge and hope you do too!

Friday is internal martial arts with Jaydra day! Join her for her favorite Qigong “wake up” routine.

Today for your take home martial arts work, I’ve mixed striking and grappling together. I know. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter… amazingly delicious. Anyway, try working jabs, level changes, and your penetration step together as one smooth, delicious treat.

Last, and not least, if you’re working on your forms, try putting your phone to use for something other than scrolling through Facebook! Take a video of yourself doing the form, then watch the video and see if you notice anything you could improve. Finally, do the form again! Manifest that correction. Be your own teacher.

Day 20: Airplanes, Backfists, and the Limbo!

April 2nd, 2020

Were you looking for some balance work in your CrossFit today? Good news: Airplane balances are back! For this workout, you will need a backpack, a bunch of books, something to step on, and a couple of chairs. Whew. Hope you have all that stuff in your house. And if you aren’t a reader, you can sub soup cans for books.

Were you looking for 30 minutes of striking excitement with Dug? Look no further! Get your punch on… and on… and on!

All kids love to limbo, but you know… it’s so obvious, right? Not if you make it… ANIMAL STYLE limbo! Also, we kick, punch, and do martial arts stuff. But most importantly, animal limbo!

Perhaps you are missing our baby sign class? No need to miss it! We are on the YouTube!

The at home kata work is simple: do your form tired. Do some burpees and then your form. Don’t like burpees? Do a couple minutes of jump rope. Whatever. Sweat. Breathe hard. Then do your form. Notice what it does to your movement and your focus.

And last but not least, if you are looking for the at home grappling work, here it is! Practice those pendulum sweeps on that vicious imaginary partner of yours.

Day 19: Grappling class, switch kicks, and burpees!

April 1st, 2020

Have you been losing your mind because you can’t grapple? Well grab the remnants of your sanity and build them back into a semblance of normality by taking Dave’s solo grappling class. How do you grapple during a Pandemic? You practice your techniques!

Want to watch me flop around in a handstand? Yeah, well, also you get to do an amazing CrossFit workout and practice your handstands. And if handstands are way out of your skill range? Don’t sweat it, all the scalings are included in the video. Oh and there are burpees in the workout, but don’t worry, they aren’t regular burpees…

Are your children wandering around aimlessly, looking for somewhere to put their immense quantities of physical energy? Make them do our kid’s class! We’ve got rolls, punches, and absurdly awesome games.

And finally, if you’re looking for some work to do on your striking skills, why not play with the switch kick today. What? You don’t know what that is? Well good news! I made a video about it.