About Our Camps

We run outrageously fun summer camps for ages 6+ in SW Hillsdale Town Center. Directed and taught by longtime state-certified + expert movement teachers, and named “Best of Portland” by Willamette Week…our small camps of quality keep kids active, and connected to others!

In 2007, Lara and Wally had been leading a number of outreach programs at various PPS schools in SE Portland, and started working with the Southeast Academy Of Kung Fu and SUN Schools program – to offer “Down Day” camps for elementary-age students out of their teacher’s Martial Arts studio. Just as with their after-school programming, demand swelled, and Lara left full-time classroom teaching to help open their Southwest storefront location in 2009. Lara Jones, MEd still holds an Oregon State Teaching License, and currently also works for Portland Public Schools as a guest teacher. With decades of teaching experience to inform best practice, she continues to help teach, plan, and shape these camps.

Over the years, the format for the camps has remained the same. These “Movement-Arts Camps” feature many different disciplines, and guest expert teachers are scheduled to come in daily to work with campers to explore different sports, or pursuits. Over the years, campers have been exposed to many different special options: African Dance, Archery, Badminton, Ballet, Boxing, Capoeira, Chess, Circus Arts, Disk Golf, Fencing, Futsal, Gymnastics, Hip-Hop, Jiu-Jitsu, Jugger, Muay-Thai, Olympic Ping-Pong, Parkour, Point Sparring, Rock Climbing, Rollerskating, Skateboarding, Soccer, Stick-Fighting, Volleyball, Yoga, and more!

These small camps are overstaffed by overqualified adult leads by design. Students can relax, are guaranteed to receive quality instruction, and are guided through social interactions and the emotional work that comes with gaining resilience by trying out new endeavors.

These camps are very dynamic and involve partnering with others, with sport drills/games/exercises that involve a fair amount of light contact. They are best for campers who are comfortable in their bodies, flexible of mind, and able to manage a good amount of activity, and can consistently self-regulate through big excitement and transitions. Sports involve constrained play, and can sometimes be difficult to adapt without making changes that make game-play impossible. This is why the full-week camps are only available at half-day to students ages six and seven. 


Cancelation Policy

Cancellation before 80 days prior to start date: 75% of tuition is refundable

Cancellation before 60 days prior to start date: 50% of tuition is refundable

Cancellation after 30 days before start of camp: no tuition is refundable

All refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee

Cancelations must be received in writing via email at

Any refunds will be issued in the form of a check; this is for tax purposes.

In instances of family emergency, we will consider extending full credit to be applied to a future camp or regular Martial Arts program (pending availability)


The Schedule

8-9A Chill Out Time

9-9:50 Myth (Story) + Movement

9:50-10 Snack + Read-Aloud

10-10:50 Special Movement Block 1

11-11:20 Outdoor Lunch

11:20-Noon Outdoor Play/Games

Noon AM Dismissal

Noon-1 Down Time (Games/Reading/Craft Choice)

1-2P Parkour or Special Movement Block 2

2-2:15 Snack

2:15-3 Table Games or Movement Choice

3-4 Chill & Camper’s Choice

4 PM Dismissal



Go to our events page to view dates and rates for current SWPMA camps.

Visit this YouTube page, to view video compilations of recent camps.