First and foremost, we offer a free trial for all our programs. We encourage all potential students to try things out first at no charge. Adults and older youth students are welcome to a free trial week, and younger students trying out Coach Lara’s program are welcome to one free trial class. Parkour classes are not open to free trial students; those are included with membership, or as paid monthly series.

All enrolled students (kids and adults) are welcome to attend all classes as much as they like. Adults are welcome to attend any and all of the classes offered on the CrossFit and Martial Arts schedule pages. Kids are welcome to all the offerings on the schedule that fit their age category. The one exception to this rule is we ask that members only sign up for one Parkour class a week, as we have a limited ability to offer the class and a high demand.

Unlimited Gym Membership: $160 (Kids or Adults)

Cost per Drop-In class are as follows. There are no drop-ins for youth programs, only teens and adults.

Out of town visitor that pays dues at another gym: FREE
CrossFit: $25

Martial Arts: $25

Cost of Ten-Class Punchcard:

Any class, any adult or teen program: $215

Billing is a bit more complex, but we want to be transparent about how we bill because while we are a business and need to pay our employees and our rent, we’re not interested in taking your money if you’re not using the gym. Before you read the long text, here is the short version: Try a free week of classes, and if you sign up you will be billed via EFT every month (contract-free) in arrears. You can quit anytime with 30 days notice via email. Your final charge will reflect PAST instruction, with no fees involved.

The price you sign up for is your “Price For Life.” So long as someone in your family trains continuously, your monthly tuition will never increase! You may trade out one program for another with this benefit, just so long as there are no interruptions with at least one family member paying tuition over time. We do not offer holds; this is the tradeoff with the “Price For Life” rates, and being able to attend classes on any given day of the week/month.

We charge monthly rates for all our programs. We use a third party billing system, which means our students pay the billing company, the billing company takes a cut and then the billing company sends us a check. We use this system because it means we can spend our time teaching instead of bill collecting. All clients must communicate directly with us though; the third-party billing company is not designed for client interactions, only business-owners.

Sign up works like this: You try a free week and then if you like the program, you fill out some paperwork. On this thrilling form, you choose the day of the month you will get billed as well as providing payment information. You will first be charged one month AFTER you, or our child starts training.

These billing agreements are not contracts. Students may cancel at any time. If students give 30 days notice before quitting, we can make sure that there is no overcharge. Without 30 days notice, we can still sometimes get the agreement cancelled without an extra month charge. It is the students responsibility to let us know if they want to cancel. The required method to request any changes is to email us:  

We give a $25 a month discount to college students, emergency personnel, and military service members.

We also offer Family (though multiple people on an agreement need not be blood related or even live with each other) Discounts at $25 off a month if you add a second person to your billing agreement and $50 off a month for the 3rd person and any additional person. So the first person is $160 a month, the second $135, and the third (and any more after that) $110.

We give a discount for Hillsdale employees. If you work in the Hillsdale town center, we give you a $25 off per month.

We don’t allow stacking of multiple discounts.  Pick one and stick with whatever gets you the best deal.

We offer FREE classes to out of town students. This means if an out of town visitor pays dues at another gym, they can take classes with us for free. If an out of town visitor is going to be taking classes for more than a week, we ask that they pay standard membership rates.

Students who want to drop in for single classes are welcome too. We charge $25 for a single class.

We offer Ten-Class Punch Cards that reduce the cost of dropping in on classes. These cards can be used for any class in any of our adult or teen programs.  You can share the card with friends and family, if you like. Punch cards are not valid for the kids program. Martial Arts as we teach it; is a contact sport, and our experience has been that sporadic training schedules lead to feelings of disconnection, confusion, and increases the likelihood of children being injured while training.

Visiting MDP students are welcome to attend any of the martial arts classes for free. For fitness classes, visiting MDP students must pay a $10 drop-in fee.

Student are welcome to attend Martial Arts classes at our sister school, North Portland Martial Arts free of charge. We offer their students the same deal and it’s an awesome way to add variety into ones’ training and build the larger community.

We offer partial (high-needs-based) scholarships in exchange for equal value goods or services. As an example, we have had students who give back by cleaning the school, students who pay us in food, and students who pay by coaching classes.  Potential students who are interested in scholarships should come in, talk to us in person and email us with a proposal to present to us (know what they will offer us instead of money).

Membership includes access to all our programs as well as discounts on our kids camps, access to our free movie nights, and discounts with some of our community partners.

We strive for clarity, simplicity and honesty in our billing. If there are any questions, please let us know by emailing us at