What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is: physical preparedness for the demands of the world, throughout the lifespan.  We believe time spent in the gym should generate measurable results and translate to greater ease in real life.

What is the method?

The techniques that we practice are selected on the basis of function – fitness that will make our daily lives easier.  The premise is that the world outside the gym is not full of treadmills and cable machines but instead, is full of unpredictable tasks that require both physical and mental flexibility.  To prepare for the unpredictable, we strive to develop and maintain a solid base of technique. After this base is established, we strive to push at the margins of our abilities, continuing to improve what we are already good at and striving to shore up our weaknesses.

The CrossFit main site is an amazing resource for understanding CrossFit methodology.  They have tons of example workouts and exercise demos available – all for free.

What if I’m training for a specific sport?

Keep at it.  We think CrossFit is good for the sport specific athlete as well as the average human.  Further more, we believe gains in one field are not mutually exclusive to any other field, but are in fact complimentary.

It is true that if you want to be a great baseball player, you need to play lots of baseball and train specific baseball related skills.  Even so, there are few, if any, major league sporting coaches that do not make their athletes cross train.  The results are too telling, especially in the professional arena where this “extra” training translates directly into wins.

Who are the instructors?

Check our Coaches page.

When are classes and how much do they cost?

Check out our schedule and fees page.

Why do you offer Martial arts and CrossFit at the same gym?

The variety of matrial arts that we train strive to create a well rounded martial artist who has a broad understanding of how to deal with physical force, including: striking, throwing, grappling, kicking, and weapons.  We feel this dovetails beautifully with the CrossFit ideal of the generalist athlete, one who knows how to engage in the basics of human movement, including: jumping, throwing, lifting, running, and rolling with the punches of the everyday world.

How do I get started?

Check out our “getting started” page.

The workouts are intimidating. I saw a video of people doing CrossFit and it terrified me.  Is this really for me?  What if I’m injured or out of shape?  Can beginners do this stuff?

CrossFit is scalable.  Weights can be lowered and movements can be modified.  We welcome the opportunity to work with people of all shapes, sizes, strengths, and ages.  If you want to research the movements ahead of time, we encourage you to check out the section on the main site called “exercises and demos,” it’s full of great videos that show people going through the movements and often includes coaching tips.  Weather you do research or not, we will systematically teach all the movements to you before allowing you do the workouts. Also keep in mind that those professionals doing CrossFit are, well… professionals. We’re just average folks who want to be strong and healthy so we can live our lives.

What is the cutoff age for taking CrossFit classes?

Students age 13 and up are welcome to take class.  There is no top end limit – we’re serious about being inclusive and are proud to have students of all ages who train with us.

Can I come in and do workouts on my own during non-class times?

We don’t have open gym times.  If you are already a member, you can come in during class time and work on whatever you need to work on.  We strongly encourage all students to engage in group classes.  We strive to have a community of students and coaches that help each other grow through encouragement, solid technique, and friendly competition.

What’s your policy on visiting (out of town) CrossFitters?

We love visitors!  Come take up to a week of our regular classes, free of charge.  If you’re in town for longer than a week, we ask that you pay standard dues for however long you’re going to train with us.