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July BJJ Theme: Guard

Guard. If you look around a BJJ floor at any given time during rolls, you’re likely to see about 50% of the pairs of players in some sort of guard. Given the frequent occurrence of the position, it makes sense … Continue reading

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Themes of the Month

For our BJJ program, we have started doing monthlong blocks. What does this mean? Well, February has been (and continues to be, for another six days) half guard month. Why? It helps students and teachers alike get a little deeper … Continue reading

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Technique from all Angles

In Sunday’s class, we were reflecting on how there is a tendency in the BJJ community to teach guard and moves from the guard with attention to technical details. It’s awesome. As a result, the community, as a whole, are … Continue reading

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Fall 2022 Youth Tournament

Huzzah! The time is upon us once again. Out annual fall tournament. All students are invited! Kids ages 3-13 can grapple, spar, and do forms. They don’t have to do all three events, they can just do one or two … Continue reading

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Learning a technique is one thing: you have a compliant partner, you learn the steps and BAM! There it is. Getting a submission against a resisting partner is different. They resist. They try their own counter techniques. They use strength. … Continue reading

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