Crossfit Hillsdale Blogposts

Yeah, but less Seriously

July 14, 2024

We are, for better or worse, stuck inside these mortal bodies. Given that, it makes sense to put some effort into maintaining a decent state of physicality so that you can have some fun during your brief sojourn on planet earth.
So yeah, physical fitness is serious business. It is, in the end, the only business we have. If your physical fitness reaches zero… then you’re no more. Given all that, we use CrossFit as a methodology to do out best while also realizing that if you take anything too seriously, especially things that are serious, you ruin it… and if you treat everything as a joke, you also ruin everything.
CrossFit is hard. Put some comedy in your seriousness and some seriousness in your comedy. You’ll last longer, or at least die smiling.

Do the CrossFitters Get a Theme?

July 10, 2024

Yes they do. It’s not fair that the martial arts people have all the fun. The CrossFitters get the super cool themes… like July’s theme: bagel jokes.
I mean, also we focus on two movements for 10 weeks at a time, test on the first week, do work for 8 weeks, and then retest on the 10th week but that’s the boring stuff. Bring on the bagel jokes.

An Even Fuller Range of Motion

April 27, 2024

One of the constant reminders you’ll hear at the gym is that you should be moving your body through a “full range of motion.” It’s a great idea… but what does it mean?

Ideally, it means we should be strong throughout the range of motion of a muscle. So if we’re using that exemplar of muscles, the biceps, it means we want to be strong when the elbow joint is all the way closed (fist as close to the shoulder as possible), when the elbow joint is all the way open (the arm is flat), and all points in between. The theory goes that if you’re weak anywhere in that range of motion, that is the place you’re going to get hurt, so in your training you should strive to move through a full range of motion.

Alright, so if that’s true, then why stop at the floor with a deadlift? Why not stand on a box and keep lowering the weight down until the hip joint is all the way closed? Well, turns out most of us are a lot stronger lifting from the floor than when we stand on a box and it’s nice to be stronger through that (usually) more functional range of motion (we’re not picking things out of holes as often as we are picking things up off the ground) so it would be kind of a bummer to do lighter weights in that bigger range of motion.

But what about the rule?! Full range of motion all day all the time! Maybe. I think there’s strong (pun intended) practical benefits to getting stronger in that functional range of motion where you pick things up from the ground but I also think standing on a box and gaining strength in that greater range of motion is also awesome. Why not? Life will inevitably require us to lift something out of a hole at some point so we might as well not suck at it.

One way to ease into this extra range of motion is to use smaller, metal weights like 25s. It’s kind of shocking how much harder it is to move through that extra range of motion. Go light, but give it a whirl, and then the day you’ve got to reach down and heft that random toddler from an extremely shallow well, you’ll thank me.

Strength At Length

April 3, 2024

Do you struggle with persistent mobility issues that don’t respond to traditional stretching, foam rolling, or bands? You should sign up for Scott Hagnas’ Strength At Length seminar.

What is it? It’s a 6 week course designed to improve your functional mobility.

Who is it for? Anyone, of all ages and abilities, looking to improve their range of motion.

How much does it cost? $175 for members and $200 for non-members.

When does it meet? Sundays, starting 4/21 from 2-4pm.

Where does it meet? 6309 SW Capitol Highway – CrossFit Hillsdale.

Where is the registration and more info? On our events page. Hope to see you all there!

Technique Triumphs

March 3, 2024

Want to be move faster? Improve your technique.

Want to lift heavier weights? Improve your technique.

Want to look cooler while you lift? Improve your technique.

How does good technique make you faster? Spend the time to trim off excess movement and you will be faster. Trimming off excess movement is efficiency, which is just another word for technique.

How does good technique help you lift heavier? If you understand how to position your body relative to the weight so that you can exert more leverage, you will be able to lift heavier weight. Leverage is just another word for technique.

How does good technique make you look cooler? Humans know good movement when we see it. We are all drawn to the beauty of a well executed athletic movement. A well executed athletic movement is just another way of describing technique.

So yes, technique triumphs. Don’t just yell louder as you do thrusters (unless that’s improving your technique), get the bar into a good rack position and transfer the power of your legs into the press.