Systema = Power + Mobility + Courage + Health
“The System” is based on natural, functional movement that can be practiced for a lifetime by people of all body types. There are no techniques or katas to memorize, and no belts or equipment to buy. Systema is cooperative not competitive; our goal is to help every student grow. Classes are fun and welcoming, and include health, fitness, mobility, mindfulness, relaxation, and practical self defense. All experience and skill levels welcome! (Age 14 +)
Systema was developed by medieval Cossacks and later used by Soviet special forces. Modern Systema has evolved, and now engages people of all ages and fitness levels.

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Kellar Autumn has been practicing Systema since 2018 and has been certified to teach by Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema Headquarters. He also has a 2nd degree brown belt in Shorinji Kempo and training in weapons-based grappling from the Shivworks Collective. Questions about Systema? Contact