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Themes of the Month

For our BJJ program, we have started doing monthlong blocks. What does this mean? Well, February has been (and continues to be, for another six days) half guard month. Why? It helps students and teachers alike get a little deeper … Continue reading

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2024 Winter Tournament

Why do we do kid’s tournaments? So many reasons. For one, they’re super fun. Almost all the kids walk away smiling (there is some disappointment, of course – not everyone gets a medal, but even many who don’t get a … Continue reading

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How Come the Teenagers Get Their Own Class?

It’s not easy punching, kicking, and wrestling people. Stack on top of that the self-consciousness of a teenager and you often (but not always) have potential students who are completely against the idea of training with the “little kids” (everyone … Continue reading

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Technique from all Angles

In Sunday’s class, we were reflecting on how there is a tendency in the BJJ community to teach guard and moves from the guard with attention to technical details. It’s awesome. As a result, the community, as a whole, are … Continue reading

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What Do Our Kids Camps Look Like?

SWPMA Movement Arts CampsWatch this video on YouTube We like to provide students with variety. In our martial arts classes, we teach grappling, throwing, and striking. So it is with our camps. At their heart, the camps are martial arts … Continue reading

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