July Striking Theme: Lead Hook

If those wrasslers get to have a theme, then the punchy people should get one too… and so July became the month of lead hooks.
Although throwing a good punch seems like it should be easy, it isn’t. It takes years of practice to get good at all the pieces that add up to a quality strike and even after all that, if you’re just practicing into the bag then you probably will still be lousy and figuring out when to use it in sparring or a self defense situation.
Putting aside the harsh truth that any movement art takes time and effort to get good at, let’s just look at this strange fact instead: the lead hook is going to be thrown with your non-dominant hand. This won’t always be true, of course, you might be one of those oddballs that plays in the opposite stance that you’re “supposed to” or one of those heroes that can switch smoothly between both stances but well let’s ignore those people for now too and focus on the majority of people (who will be throwing a lead hook with their off hand.)
As we all know, learning new stuff with your off hand is hard. So it follows that the lead hook is going to be hard. Which is why so many people don’t invest much time in it, which is why people are bad at it, which is why we are focusing on it… so we can get less bad!
Yay for getting less bad at things. I think it helps to acknowledge why things are hard, plus it makes you feel even more awesome when you improve.

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