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Kid’s Tournament

We are thrilled to be hosting MDP’s annual Fall Kids tournament. This event will feature point sparring & forms (no grappling but don’t worry, we’ll have a grappling tournament coming up soon) and will take place at our 1509 SW … Continue reading

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Kid’s Point Sparring Tournament

Not too long ago, we ran a grappling only tournament. We figured now it was time to run a point sparring only tournament. Hopefully everyone who was bummed there was no point sparring last time is excited this time. Actually, … Continue reading

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Reflection as a Learning Tool

If you’ve been in class recently, you’ve almost certainly heard me talking about the book Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. The book is a concise compilation of the last 3 decades of research in cognitive psychology around … Continue reading

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Acro Seminar is coming to town!

Dance on your hands! Balance your friends on your feet! We’re hosting a two hour acro seminar, coached by Ari Rapkin of justmovement. The first hour will focus on tumbling and hand balancing. The second hour will be partner acro. … Continue reading

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