Membership Benefits

As you can see, we’ve added a new membership benefit: if you’re a paying gym member, you get $20 off a massage with one of our favorite LMTs, George Bare of Vital Integrity Massage.

Pretty cool stuff, obviously, but did you know you also get access to our whole schedule? That’s right. CrossFit classes, Yoga classes, all the various martial arts classes. If you are a paying member, they are ALL open to you. I mean, I guess don’t go to the kids class for 4 year olds unless you are actually a four year old child, but you get the idea (I hope.)

If you’ve got kids, you also get a discount on our kids camps and free access to our movie nights. You also get access to our book club meetings because, well, our gym is full of people who love to read.

Most importantly, you get to hang out with amazing people and learn awesome things.


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