2024 Winter Tournament

Why do we do kid’s tournaments? So many reasons.

For one, they’re super fun. Almost all the kids walk away smiling (there is some disappointment, of course – not everyone gets a medal, but even many who don’t get a physical prize come away energized from the experience) and talking about what a great time they had.

Second, it’s a huge help for us coaches. We get to see if the training we are providing students functions under duress. Do the techniques, combos, and strategies work when another student is actively working against them? Can they speak and move with confidence when everyone is watching? We watch, take note, and adjust our coaching accordingly. Tournaments are an amazing feedback tool.

Third, it brings all the parents in to see what their kids have been doing. Undoubtedly the kids talk about their training at home and the parents have some idea of what is going on but this is a huge opportunity for the parents to see things in action. What is their child actually learning in martial arts class? What does this stuff look like?

Finally, it’s a great way to bring the whole community together. The adults in the martial arts program get to help out, kids of all ages get to see one another compete, and we even get students from our sister gym (North Portland Martial Arts) to come in and join in on the fun.

Want more info? Sign up on our kids camp and events page and join the fun.

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