Meet You Where You’re At

Some kids can jump right into our martial arts program, no problem. Others hesitate. Some try to jump right in and then decide they weren’t actually ready to leap in. In short, everyone is different.

We’ve always prided ourselves on meeting students where they are at and moving forward from there, so we’re not sure why we haven’t thought of the idea of an intro series for kids before but suppose we have to meet ourselves where we’re at too?

Whatever the case, we’re going for it! We’ve offering up one series for 6-9 year olds and another for 10-13 year olds. The idea is to introduce students to consent, ethics, control, punching, kicking, contact, throwing, falling, grappling, and forms – so that when they are ready to join the ongoing program, they feel good about it and know how to communicate well with their partners and keep themselves (and their partners) safe, learning while building resilience.

Ever improving, ever moving forward.

Check the events page for more details, times, and pricing.

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