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Kid’s Point Sparring Tournament

Not too long ago, we ran a grappling only tournament. We figured now it was time to run a point sparring only tournament. Hopefully everyone who was bummed there was no point sparring last time is excited this time. Actually, … Continue reading

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Tonight in sparring class, we wrapped three fighting principles into one technique. The three fighting principles were: extension, bridging the gap, and independent motion. The technique was the skipping front kick. In the skipping front kick, you move the lead … Continue reading

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You be Me

There is a confusing cliche that gets dropped at martial arts schools on a daily basis: “get rid of your ego”.  Aren’t you supposed to win?  Aren’t there points and submissions and trophies out there that require an ego? The … Continue reading

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Lead versus Side Facing

Tonight in sparring class we experimented with fighting from a lead versus fighting from a side facing stance.  A lead is definitely the more common stance, the one you will typically see in a boxing or MMA match.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Independent Motion

You don’t want your sparring partner knowing that you’re going to attack, do you?  Probably not.  In which case, one method you can use to disguise your attacks is to try and make them move weapon first. Weapon first means: … Continue reading

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