Sparring and Video Feedback

There are so many tools out there to help students become better martial artists.  One of those tools that is new to me is video feedback.  Since so many people carry these amazing tools (digital cameras) around with them everywhere they go, it seems a logical thing to take advantage of.
The basic idea is to take a given activity, come up with something to measure and then evaluate the activity by taking a video of it.  Simple, right?  Maybe for some folks, yes.
What to evaluate in sparring?  Basic strategy and results.  Is a student being aggressive?  Is that aggression working for them?  Is a student counter fighting (waiting for their opponent to act, then reacting)?  Is it working?  Is a student keeping their hands up?  Is it reducing the number of times their opponent is scoring on them?
While the number of tools increases, the goals remain the same: quality and results.
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