Day 79: Position

We decided to continue on our running theme of fighting principles. In martial arts, position is everything. In fitness, position is everything. The three most important things in movement are, after all, position, position, position.

For kid’s class, we worked the idea of position relative to our own bodies. What is a good fighting stance? How do you hold your hands? Your head? Your elbows? After we figured out a good starting point, we played, strayed and returned to that starting point.

For CrossFit class, we worked, among other things, the L-sit. Want a position that gives you immediate feedback about if you’re in balance or not? Look no further than the deadly and unforgiving L-sit.

Finally, on Saturday, I did a striking class in which I laid out what the striking classes will look like when we *hopefully* re-open on the 12th. Check it out if you are planning on attending classes.

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