Even More Martial Arts Classes

Jaydra choking Lara... with good structure, of course.Hey peeps! We’ve got two new classes on the menu. One has been online for a long time and is coming back to the physical world this Friday: Jaydra’s internal martial arts class. If you are a martial artist, you know that structure is everything. You also know that it is hard to do the kind of fundamental drills that you should be doing to work on structure. Jaydra’s class will provide you a space to work those drills that will improve your understanding of structure and it will also probably be super fun and challenging. It happens every Friday at 10am, over at the Sunset gym.

The other new class is another striking class but with a different coach. If you’re part of the Mo Duk Pai community, you probably already know Sifu Jeremy. If you aren’t a MDP student, don’t worry – he’s awesome at teaching folks to punch and kick with increasingly amazing levels of skill. His class happens Mondays at 6pm at the Sunset gym.

You could do both of these classes! Learn the fundamental structure you need for all your martial arts endeavors, and then apply that structure by walloping some pads.

Confused by our massive array of classes? Don’t worry. We have thoughtfully put them all on our schedule page.

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