Got time for a project?

Perhaps you find yourself with a great deal of time on your hands, a love of martial arts, but no partners to work with. There are all sorts of projects you might dive deep into. You could work on your conditioning and do 100 burpees a day. You could try and get your kicks higher by throwing 200 kicks a day.

Here’s the one I’m doing, and if you enjoy doing forms, I encourage you to do the same: make up your own kata with a theme. Most times, when you’re asked to create a form, it is a one time exercise. You make up the form, then you forget it. For this project, I’m suggesting you take however long this coronavirus crisis lasts and make a form with a theme that you can remember and demonstrate.

Why? It’s a way to explore movement and what martial arts means to you. Is making up a kata the only way to do that? Of course not. Play, explore, and share. Tell me what you come up with.

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