Change is Inevitable

New schedule!  Click on the picture to the right to check it out.  If you notice any mistakes, please let me know.

There are 3 new class “types”: open gym, beginner CrossFit and beginner Kung Fu.

The open gym is your time.  Come in and train what you need to work on.  Punish your weakness.  There will be a CrossFit coach there (Spence, 99% of the time) to answer your questions but there will not be a led class.  Kung Fu students are welcome to use the space at this time as well (no sparring or grappling without an instructor present).

The beginner classes are classes designed to get folks in the door who are a bit intimidated by the regular classes.  This does not mean that current students can not come to these class times.  Please do.  Everyone needs review of the fundamentals and everyone can learn by helping teach these fundamentals to beginners (yes, I will make you help teach if you come to these classes).  For more experienced CrossFitters who show up to the beginner class, you’ll get to do the regular WOD (if you like) and for more experienced Kung Fu students who show up to the beginner class, you’ll get to work on skills appropriate to your level.

There is a now mixed adults & kids Kung Fu class (10AM on Sunday).  The Wednesday class is consistently our most attended offering at the school so we’re hoping to build on that success by adding a second option.

Yoga is now more tightly clustered towards the weekend.  There’s a Thursday 4-5 class, a Friday 10-11 and 4:30-5:30 class and a Saturday 4-5 class.  Tired of flexibility holding you back?  Take a Yoga class once a week.

And finally, the CrossFit WOD from today:

Voting Age
4 Rounds for Time
18 Burpee Deadlifts (Bodyweight)
1 Lap Bear Walk

Check the whiteboard for times.

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