We are open! Class sizes are limited and masks are required. If you are already a member, you can register for martial arts classes, CrossFit classes, or kid’s classes. If you aren’t, send us an email┬ábefore registering. Classes are limited size and you must pre-register. Don’t just show up.
We’re still offering live-streaming classes from our Facebook groups. If you sign up for these classes, don’t worry – you can tell the coach if you don’t want to appear on the livestream. The camera will mostly be pointed at the coach. If you aren’t a member of these Facebook groups but want to be invited, please ask! We’re always happy to have more folks in the mix.
Here are the livestream times:

Private Facebook group Livestream Classes

Monday and Wednesday @6:00-6:30pm
Sunday @9:45-10:15am
4-6 year olds Saturday @ 10-10:20am
ages 7+ Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday @10:30-11:00am
Martial Arts:
Tuesday and Thursday @12:00-12:30pm (striking)
Wednesday @12:00-12:30pm (grappling)

Martial Arts Classes
CrossFit Classes
Kids Classes