Due to the corona virus crisis, all our current classes are online. Any and all are welcome. Let’s come through the other end of this together, stronger, and more focused than ever.

Monday – Friday
10AM-10:30AM Kids class with Lara and Wally (live on our Facebook page)
5PM Daily CrossFit Workout with Wally (live on our Facebook page)

Noon Martial Arts Striking with Dug (live on our Facebook page)

Noon solo grappling drills & workout with Dave (live on our Facebook page)

10AM Internal Martial Arts with Jaydra (live on the MDP Facebook page)

Noon Martial Arts Striking with Wally and Lara (live on our Facebook page)

Daily martial arts content
Go to our YouTube page.

Can’t make the livestream times?
No worries. The internet remembers everything and we’ll do our darnedest to post all content to the blog as well, so you can scroll through old workouts and do them anytime you want. Thanks for your support!