Crossfit Hillsdale Blogposts

The Freeze: Day 26

December 14, 2020

Kid’s martial arts class. Today, we explore the magical toolkit that is our hands. What happens when we hit with a closed fist? What happens when we hit with an open hand? Fun things, that’s what!

CrossFit class. What happens when you mix two movements together? Well, you get a new movement, that’s obvious. Today we mixed the Kb snatch with the lunge. Unsurprisingly, it was really challenging. Surprisingly, it was fun.

Martial arts class. More basic hand strikes: forearm horizontal, full backfist, reverse backfist, palm up chop, and palm down chop. Plus also just hitting the bag a lot because I’ve got lots of hitting to spare these days.

The Freeze: Day 19

December 7, 2020

Kid’s martial arts class: split cover and the Philly shell.

CrossFit class: bring a jump rope!

Adult Mo Duk Pai class: basic strikes and breathing.

The Freeze: Day 18

December 6, 2020

Does it still count as the freeze if we get to actually train with one another? We’re not in the gym… so maybe just the gym is frozen? Maybe we’re more in the “slush” now? Whatever the state of frozenness, we got out in the park and enjoyed some rain, mud, kicks, kettlebells, and foam sticks.

The Freeze, Day 14

December 2, 2020

Tomorrow, we start outdoor classes. Today, we have videos.
Adult Martial Arts class. Includes a special warmup in which I twirl a child into a crash pad.

Kids Martial Arts class, ages 4-6.

Kids Martial Arts class, ages 7 and up. Combinations!

CrossFit class. Bring a kettlebell and an absurd desire to do far too many sit ups.

The Freeze, Day 13

December 1, 2020

Martial Arts Class – Spin Side Kick, Axe Kick, Jump Front kick. Only the fancy stuff.

Kids Martial Arts Class, Ages 7 and up. Side kick and spinning side kick.

CrossFit. Bring a medicine ball and something to jump over.