CrossFit is a broad and practical general fitness program. In class, students can expect to see a wide variety of movements that help develop skill, strength, endurance and overall physical competence. The workouts are hard but imminently scalable – meaning they can be adjusted to fit students of all fitness levels. All movements will be explained and demonstrated by the coach, to help insure good technique and safety. The overarching goal of the program is to provide a solid base of fitness to participants so that they can live their lives outside the gym with ease and confidence. Classes are open to students ages 13 and up.

Endurance Focus
This hour and a half long specialty class is designed to increase the capacity of your gas tank. It usually consists of 2 or three longer duration workouts along with skill work and expert coaching. This class is open to students with a basic understanding of CrossFit moves and terminology, ages 13 and up. No beginners, please.

Do you have enough barbells in your life?  Probably not.  Which means you should come to this class where you will be guaranteed more barbells.  Strength, metcon…power lifting, Olympic lifting… all that but mostly, more barbells.  This class is open to students ages 13 and up who already have some exposure to the basics of lifting. No beginners, please.

Do you dream of deadlifts? Do you salivate for squats? Do you live to lift? Come to the strength class. You will squat, deadlift, press, row, lunge, and all other things to get you swoll. This class is open to students ages 13 and up.

These classes are specifically tailored for students who want or need to learn the movements of CrossFit. The first 30 minutes of beginner classes are spent going over the movements that will be in the workout that day.  We emphasize form, safety and working with people of all skill levels.  The workout is followed by stretching and a debriefing where questions can be answered.  More experienced students are encouraged to attend so they can help pass on information to the new folks (and you can also do the regularly posted workout during this time).  Open to all students of all abilities ages 13 through 120.