First and foremost, we offer a free week for all our programs. We encourage all potential students to try things out first at no charge.

Cost for our programs, per month. All programs provide unlimited access with the exception of the 3 & 4 year old program:

3 & 4 year old Martial Arts: $75 (once a week)
Kids Martial Arts (ages 5+): $100
Martial Arts: $100
CrossFit: $125
CrossFit and Martial Arts: $135
Dual Membership @ Alive MMA: $149

Cost for dropping in on one class are:

CrossFit or Martial Arts (out of town visitor): free
Martial Arts (MDP visitor): free
CrossFit (MDP visitor or Martial Arts student): $10
CrossFit: $20

Martial Arts: $20

Cost of 10 class punchcard:

Any class, any program: $150

We charge monthly rates for the Martial Arts, CrossFit and kids programs. We use a third party billing system, which means our students pay the billing company, the billing company takes a cut and then the billing company sends us a check. We use a third party billing system because it means we can spend our time teaching instead of bill collecting.

The system works like this: students try a free week and then if they like the program, they sign up. Upon signing up, they choose the day of the month they will get billed as well as providing payment information. The billing company accepts a routing number to a checking account or will send a bill to the students address and they can write a check. If students choose the “send a bill” option, we tack on an extra $10 a month charge because the billing company takes a larger chunk of our profits under this method.

These billing agreements are not contracts. Students may cancel at any time. If students give 30 days notice before quitting, we can make sure that there is no overcharge. Without 30 days notice, we can still sometimes get the agreement cancelled without an extra month charge. It is the students responsibility to let us know if they want to cancel. The best method is to email us: info@swportlandmartialarts.com

Students can put their billing agreements on hold. If a student will be missing classes for 1 month or more, they can let us know by email and we will put the account on hold. These holds can only be done in month long increments (for example, 1 month, 2 months, etc).

We give a $25 a month discount to college students. Students simply show us valid college ID when they sign up and we will take $25 off their monthly bill.

We also give $25 off a month for each additional student if more than one person signs up on a billing agreement. Thus if a parent has two children they are signing up, the first child costs the standard rate while the second gets a $25 discount.

We give a discount for Hillsdale employees. If a student works in the Hillsdale town center, we give them $25 off per month on their billing agreement.

We don’t allow stacking of multiple discounts.  Pick one and stick with whatever gets you the best deal.

We offer FREE classes to out of town students. This means if an out of town visitor pay dues at another gym, they can take classes with us for free. If an out of town visitor is going to be taking classes for more than a week, we ask that they pay standard membership rates.

Students who do not want to  sign a billing agreement are welcome to pay us cash or check. We charge an extra $10 for this option.

Students who want to drop in for single classes are welcome to. We charge $20 for a single class. If students are signed up for one program and want to drop in on a different program, the charge is reduced to $10.

We offer 10 class punch cards for $150.  These cards can be used for any class in any program.  You can share the card with friends and family, if you like.

Students from other Mo Duk Pai schools are welcome to attend any of the martial arts classes for free. For CrossFit, visiting MDP students pay a $10 drop in fee.

Students who sign up for the martial arts program and welcome to go to classes at the other Mo Dul Pai schools free of charge. Check the schedules at the other schools, make sure it is a MDP class and enjoy. Students may also attend Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at Alive MMA for half price. Students who sign up for dual membership at our school and Alive MMA get access to ALL classes at both gyms.

We offer full and partial scholarships in exchange for equal value goods or services.  As an example, we have students who pay us by cleaning the school, students who pay us in food, and students who pay by coaching classes.  Potential students who are interested in scholarships should come in, talk to us in person and have a proposal to present to us (know what they will offer us instead of money).

We strive for clarity, simplicity and honesty in our billing. If there are any questions, please let us know by emailing us at  info@swportlandmartialarts.com