SW Portland Martial Arts Blog

The Freeze: Day 39

December 27th, 2020

Despite not being able to run classes inside, despite not being able to make contact with one another, we are still training and making progress.
We are always saying we look at training as a lifelong endeavor, something you can do no matter what the circumstances, so here we are, adapting, training, and still improving.

The Freeze: Day 26

December 14th, 2020

Kid’s martial arts class. Today, we explore the magical toolkit that is our hands. What happens when we hit with a closed fist? What happens when we hit with an open hand? Fun things, that’s what!

CrossFit class. What happens when you mix two movements together? Well, you get a new movement, that’s obvious. Today we mixed the Kb snatch with the lunge. Unsurprisingly, it was really challenging. Surprisingly, it was fun.

Martial arts class. More basic hand strikes: forearm horizontal, full backfist, reverse backfist, palm up chop, and palm down chop. Plus also just hitting the bag a lot because I’ve got lots of hitting to spare these days.

The Freeze: Day 24

December 12th, 2020

Kid’s Martial Arts class, ages 7 and up… Saturday edition!

The Freeze: Day 23

December 11th, 2020

Grappling time! Get around your partner, wrap them up and sit down.

The Freeze: Day 20

December 8th, 2020

Suppose you want your martial arts to translate into self defense. Where might a self defense scenario take place? Will a fight always happen on the lovely matted floor of a dojo? Probably not. So the fact that we are currently¬†required to train outside is a blessing in disguise, if you’re interested in practical application.

If self defense isn’t your thing, perhaps novelty is. Throwing punches and kicks while slipping on the mud is definitely something fairly unfamiliar for most of us. Practicing falls and rolls on the grass is something the majority of adults haven’t done in many decades. All this is to say, it’s fun. Come outside and train with us.