What is the philosophy of Systema?

Our training philosophy is not to be confused with any traditional fighting arts and/or combat sports fighting system. We are not in the business of taking years to instruct a student how to incapacitate or eliminate even the most basic fighter, but rather months, comparable to the time a special operations soldier has to prepare for a mission. There are just too many aspects of traditional fighting arts and sports-based fighting systems that are life-threateningly impractical and inefficient for the street and actual brutal violence.

Who is the instructor?

Dean Foster is a “full instructor” certified by Vladimir Vasiliev of Systema HQ in Toronto to teach all aspects of Systema. In addition to Systema, Dean has trained in various martial arts since 1976 and holds black belt rankings in Tae Kwon Do, 2nd Degree in Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu, 6th Degree in Combat Sambo, and is a Sport Sambo Coach.
Dean also has over 30 years law enforcement experience and was a lead use of force and firearms instructor. Dean also served over 12 years as a Special Weapons and Tactics sniper.

How come you offer all these different martial arts in addition to Systema?

We believe that martial arts is a wide and deep discipline. We encourage students to try it all, and stick with what keeps them training and growing.

How much do classes cost?

Check the fees page.

When are classes?

Check our schedule.

I want to know more about Portland Systema, where should I look?

Check out the Portland Systema website.