Our boxing program is all about fundamentals. In class, we focus on the sport of boxing by building a strong base of technique.

With rock solid basics in mind, students will be taught at their own pace, never being introduced to a more complex skill until they have gotten the simpler one under their belt.

The structure of a typical one hour class follows the following format:

Warm up: Jogging, Stretching.
Specific warm up: Shadow boxing, jump rope.
Technique: Demonstration of offensive technique, practice. Demonstration of defensive technique, practice.
Drilling: Combinations, controlled sparring, bag work.
Cool down: Jump rope, stretching.

For equipment, each student should have: a mouthpiece, 16 ounce gloves, and wrist wraps. We can loan you some gloves and wrist wraps for your first few classes but no (gross) we won’t lend you a mouthpiece.

Beach Boxing! (Not available inside the gym.)The Coach
Sasha Dadvar has a plan: give you a solid foundation of boxing fundamentals so you can be a more awesome human being.