Taiji Shenghuo

Taiji Shenghuo “Grand Ultimate Living”​ is a culmination of physical and spiritual insights in action. It uses tai chi (Taiji) as a vehicle to understand principles of how, when, and why we move. It brings awareness, solutions, and daily applications for living peacefully and joyfully.

In this class we will learn the Beijing 24 tai chi set. The goal is to guide students to be proficient in all 24 steps/forms.

The class meets outside the Sunset gym (if you’re new, show up at the sunset gym and we’ll point you to the class) if the weather is nice, and inside the Capitol highway gym if the weather is garbage.

Eric Arthur has been practicing and playing tai chi since 2000. He considers it a privilege to pass on the knowledge of Taiji Shenghuo on to others. To create opportunities to drink deeper into the wisdom of living our best everyday, and every moment.