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Multiple Opponents?

“It is better to avoid than to run, better to run than to de-escalate, better to de-escalate than to fight, better to fight than to die.” – Rory Miller. If it is possible for something to be “more” true, then … Continue reading

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New MDP Requirements!

Huzzah! Ever evolving in the face of martial arts technology, here are the amazing new MDP adult belt requirements. You’ll have questions – of course. You won’t know what some of the things are – of course. You’ll wonder what … Continue reading

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New Teen Jiu-Jitsu Class

We are shifting the Friday 5pm kids BJJ class to a teen BJJ class. Like everything we do, it is an experiment and we’re excited to see what happens. Our hope is that it gives students who are ages 13-19 … Continue reading

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Kid’s Tournament

We are thrilled to be hosting MDP’s annual Fall Kids tournament. This event will feature point sparring & forms (no grappling but don’t worry, we’ll have a grappling tournament coming up soon) and will take place at our 1509 SW … Continue reading

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New BJJ Coach

Are you new to BJJ or have you been around the game for a while and are looking to up your Gi game? Either way, you should come check out our new coach, Matt Zorn. Last night, as I was … Continue reading

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