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Kickboxing class

Your dream of a kickboxing class has been granted. The Wednesday 10am boxing class is now a kickboxing class. Don’t be sad. You can still punch… now you get to kick too! What will we do in class? Technique, padwork, … Continue reading

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Angle of Attack

Pick your favorite technique. Now that you’ve got that in your head, how many different positions can you execute that technique from? If you can only picture yourself doing the move from one place, then applying the principle of angle … Continue reading

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Brown/Black – Gear Switching

Doing some writing to communicate some ideas that I think will help MDP students specifically, but hopefully martial artists more generally, in their training. This piece is about the value of being able to switch gears which is an incredibly … Continue reading

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Multiple Opponents?

“It is better to avoid than to run, better to run than to de-escalate, better to de-escalate than to fight, better to fight than to die.” – Rory Miller. If it is possible for something to be “more” true, then … Continue reading

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New MDP Requirements!

Huzzah! Ever evolving in the face of martial arts technology, here are the amazing new MDP adult belt requirements. You’ll have questions – of course. You won’t know what some of the things are – of course. You’ll wonder what … Continue reading

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