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New BJJ coach!

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a new no-Gi BJJ coach to our roster. Quinten Wyland will be taking over the 7pm class, starting 1/23. I met Quinten almost a decade ago, training BJJ. Since I’ve known him, he’s … Continue reading

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2 FREE Months Tuition Raffle

We’re trying to get an AED installed in the gym and (surprise) they are expensive little machines! Help us raise some $$ to make the gym a heart happy place, and at the same time, enter to win the chance … Continue reading

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Grappling Tournament!

Ready to roll? We are. Come join us on Saturday, January 18th from 9:30am-1pm for a grappling tournament! Kids? Yes! 9:30-11am. Ages 5 and up are welcome. Don’t know submissions? We’ve got a positional division just for you. Know submissions? … Continue reading

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Brown/Black – Gear Switching

Doing some writing to communicate some ideas that I think will help MDP students specifically, but hopefully martial artists more generally, in their training. This piece is about the value of being able to switch gears which is an incredibly … Continue reading

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Multiple Opponents?

“It is better to avoid than to run, better to run than to de-escalate, better to de-escalate than to fight, better to fight than to die.” – Rory Miller. If it is possible for something to be “more” true, then … Continue reading

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