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CrossFit Swag!

Now you can buy awesome CrossFit swag at our store! While we don’t have engraved pens or personalized license plates, we do have lovely shirts and sweatshirts. Check out our online store.

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Wrong Takes Only

Given that we can not speak of the actual Tao, what follows is my incorrect essay on the relation between the Tao Te Ching and Martial Arts: What is the most compelling opening lines of a book you’ve ever read? … Continue reading

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Martial Arts and Philosophy

Given that one of the martial arts we study is called “Martial Ethics Method” and the fact that philosophy and martial arts have historically been strongly intertwined, I thought it might be fun to have monthly philosophy talks. We’ll vote … Continue reading

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We’re open tomorrow! Happy Juneteenth! Happy grand re-opening? We’re excited and nervous. Excited because it has been 14 weeks. Nervous because all our usual systems and schedules are scrambled. We’ve got a plan. Undoubtedly, it will change. We’re looking forward … Continue reading

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What Will Kid’s Class look like?

Are you wondering what kid’s class is going to look like when we re-open? Well, here we are setting out a plan. Students have to wear masks. Everyone gets their own taped off space to do work in. There are … Continue reading

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