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New BJJ Coach

Are you new to BJJ or have you been around the game for a while and are looking to up your Gi game? Either way, you should come check out our new coach, Matt Zorn. Last night, as I was … Continue reading

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Escaping Mount

I got to teach two classes for MDP camp this year – one about how to escape bottom mount position and one about how to use knee ride. Both classes were about applying groundwork to a self defense situation. The … Continue reading

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Camp Class Preview

This year, for MDP camp, I’ve been asked to teach a class about takedowns and groundwork for self defense. The two big questions behind the class will be: how and why might we, in a self defense situation, want to … Continue reading

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Weight Temptation

I was going to post a clever Hop-Frog reference today, but at the last moment I decided I should actually say something directly relevant to CrossFit.  Which is to imply (somehow) that a knowledge of classic literature will get you … Continue reading

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Carry On

Contact happens.  Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes the results are negligible, sometimes they’re not.  Sometimes there are interesting lessons to be gleaned from the experience, sometimes there aren’t. Barring injury, class continues on, drills get cycled through and … Continue reading

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