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Healthy Hamstrings

All those squats, kicks, and triangles can leave the hamstrings haggard and the back bruised. How to cope? Make a plan. Here’s mine, and you’re welcome to steal it wholesale, although I really do recommend amending it to fit your … Continue reading

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Improving your squat

The squat is a fundamental movement. If you have trouble squatting to full depth comfortably, it’s almost guaranteed that you also have trouble doing all other sorts of movements. Assuming you’ve simply lost the range of motion required and you’re … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever sparred, you know one of the most sublime things you can experience is an effortless evasion of your partner’s punch accompanied by your own perfect counterpunch. It’s so sublime because against a partner anywhere near your own … Continue reading

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New Fall Kids Schedule

We are always changing things up in an attempt to make the gym a more awesome place. For this update to the kid’s schedule, we’ve made several adjustments that I’ll try to explain briefly here but if you have additional … Continue reading

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Masks again!

We’re back under a mandatory face covering order in Oregon, so everyone must wear a mask while inside public places until further notice. Turns out Oregon hospitals are getting overwhelmed with Covid patients, the vast majority of whom are unvaccinated. … Continue reading

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