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Spring Break Camp! Early bird signup.

We haven’t done a Spring Break Camp in a long time… so it’s time! Martial Arts! Crafts! Art! All the amazing things! Ages 6-8 can do a half day. Ages 8 and up can do a whole day or a … Continue reading

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What happens in the Muay Thai classes?

People often ask about the content of specific classes. What does a typical class look like? What kind of equipment do they need to bring? Will there be contact? Will there be sparring? The answer is, it depends on who … Continue reading

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Coach Power

Shelby and Alex are awesome. Have you been to their classes? Do it. Shelby coaches the 9am Fitness Kickboxing on Wednesday, the 10am Muay Thai on Wednesday, and the No Gi BJJ at 10am on Thursday. Alex coaches the 10am … Continue reading

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All the Programming

If you ever have a desire to see any of our CrossFit programming for the last 3 years, it’s right here. Help yourself. Now, the question arises, why would you want to look at the programming? First, I strongly advise … Continue reading

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Muay Thai

It’s always exciting to add new classes to the schedule but I’m especially pumped to add Muay Thai to the schedule. Even cooler, the classes come with two new coaches: Shelby and Alex. Alex teaches the Monday 10am class and … Continue reading

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