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Easter Weekend Superpost

Just wanted to shoot out a quick ‘thank you’ to everyone who stopped by over Easter Weekend.  Fun fact: you actually burn double calories and a half on public holidays.  It’s true.  Look it up. This will also serve as … Continue reading

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Mutant Isabel

So, hi – this is actually Patrick.  Not Wally.  I write up little posts for the Friday evening classes.  Except not last week.  I meant to, but when the workout was over I went home and did something else for … Continue reading

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All the plates are on the floor…

I would get in trouble if I put all the plates on the ground at my house.  Different kind of plates, I guess.  Whatever.  It’s fun to do something different. But I digress… We did the Crossfit Total tonight (thus, … Continue reading

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Box Squats

Certainties in life: Death and taxes.  Also, if an exercise has the word “Russian” in it, it’s probably going to be hard. We played with the box squat this week.  Take a standard back squat, sit down on a bench, … Continue reading

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Bar Economy

Ever wonder if it would be feasible to use every barbell in the gym at one time?  Well, it totally is.  It does set an implied restriction on how far you can dump your bar in front of you after … Continue reading

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