New Fall Kids Schedule

We are always changing things up in an attempt to make the gym a more awesome place. For this update to the kid’s schedule, we’ve made several adjustments that I’ll try to explain briefly here but if you have additional questions or thoughts, we are always looking for constructive feedback.
We changed some of the age ranges. It used to be a 7 and up class, now it is an 8 and up class. We’re hoping that giving the older kids a little more of their “own” class will help increase the quality and speed of learning.
We moved all the 6-8 classes to the “old” gym over on Sunset. We also took those classes out of Lara’s orbit and put them into Wally and Ramiro’s sphere. We did this mostly so Lara can expand the younger kids program (there has been a massive demand for 4 and 5 year old classes) but also so Ramiro and Wally don’t have to shuttle between the two spaces constantly.
As with all changes, there will undoubtedly be some problems. Perfect. Those problems will be the impetus for further changes to make things even better.
Check out the registration page and more colorful version of the schedule here.

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