New Mask Policy

Hello internet people.

The Oregon Health Authority has clarified how businesses can navigate the maze of masking that currently confronts us. If you want to see the official document, go here.

Assuming you don’t want to read it, the OHA is basically telling businesses that they can either continue to ask everyone to mask or they can validate vaccination status and then allow those folks who are vaccinated to not wear a mask.

We are choosing to validate vaccination status and allow people to go unmasked if they either show us their physical vaccine card or send us a digital copy. Seems like one step closer to the end of this pandemic.

As a very important note, all kids classes will continue to be masked – all students and all coaches, regardless of vaccination status.

As a equally important side note, if you are uncomfortable being in a class with unmasked people, please let us know when you sign up for class and we will discreetly ask everyone in the class to wear a mask. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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