Day 83: Uncertainty

You don’t get to choose how your partner reacts. The more you train, the better you become at guessing what your partner will do, but you’re never sure. The more you train, the better you are at limiting your partner’s actions and making them more predictable. And yet, you never know.

In kid’s class, we explored the fighting principle of uncertainty. I think it becomes easier when you admit you don’t know that things are uncertain, admit that it is scary, and then try to solve the problem none the less. And in the context of training, it helps if you make things into a fun game, so that when you guess wrong, you can laugh and learn.

For CrossFit class, I goofed around with the hollow hold. Because, I mean really, how much is there to learn from holding the hollow position? Okay, a lot. But it is more fun if you rock side to side and move around your feet and just generally goof off… sometimes.

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