Day 81: Leading Centers

When you watch someone punch, what do you see move first? Their fist? Their foot? Their hip?

Often, when someone strikes, they will move their head, shoulder, or hip. Those are the leading centers. So if you want to fake someone out, you might try twitching one of your leading centers. See if they react to your twitchery. If they do, you might be able to use leading center fakes on them. Also, you might be able to “mute” your own leading centers so that your sparring partners won’t see your strikes coming.

Explore the idea in kid’s class.

Explore the idea via CrossFit class with thrusters. We don’t have to hide our leading centers in fitness movements. Power through the hips. Every rep.

Explore the idea in grappling class. Don’t lift with the arm… lift with the hips – the stronger leading center.

And then go off on a tangent and clinch with your heavy bag with my YouTube video.

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