Day 63-65: Masked Preview

On Saturday, I did a striking workout with a cloth mask on. I didn’t wear it for the whole 30 minutes, but I did wear it during the “hard” part at the end – tabata bag work. It worked. I didn’t die. Anyway, watch the striking video from Saturday. My plan is to try part of the CrossFit workout with a cloth mask on tomorrow. Life is an experiment.

Today for kid’s class, we worked angle of attack. What’s that? It’s when you swing the same attack at different angles. I say swing because one of the easiest ways to imagine it is to picture swinging a baseball bat at different angles, but all at the same target.

For CrossFit, I tried working bent over rows into the skill work. They were not terrible, but I couldn’t actually get enough weight using only books and my backpack. I think I need heavier books?

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