Day 13 – Headstands, Jabs, and so much more

Dug’s striking class today covered toe out kicks, jabs, crosses, and front kicks. What happens when you throw all those elements into a mix? Awesome combos.

Kid’s class was all about two of the hardest striking surfaces we’ve got: elbows and knees. Want to see me elbow a giant stuffed penguin? This is the class for you.

The CrossFit skills today were the headstand, the pistol, and the back roll. I won’t tell you what was in the workout, cuz that spoils all the fun.

For your kata work today, just do the form. We’ve been really specific with our foci in forms: arms only, legs only, slow, fast, big, small, etc. It’s important to sometimes to just do the form. Don’t do the moves with a goal in mind, simply let your body do the form and let your mind observe. Then, if you observed something you could improve, do the form again and turn that observation into a correction.

Shrimp, bridge, yeah yeah yeah.. we all know those are at home grappling skills we should practice. But the scoot? Yeah. It’s that thing you do when you are sitting and your partner is standing and you need to make distance and create an angle. Will practicing it without a partner make you better when you finally get a partner again? Let’s find out. Do the work.

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