Day 12 – Push ups, Side Kicks, and So many Posts

Push ups as a skill? Heck yeah. Strength is a skill. You get better at it by practicing it. Watch today’s workout video and do the work.

Today in kid’s class we played the game “stick of no conscience”. It’s pretty much the most fun martial arts game ever. Did it work via livestream? Watch the video with a kid and see.

Lots of times, some of my best ideas come to me when I’m teaching kid’s class. Not too long ago, I had the idea to teach a “side body rock” to help the kids understand a side break fall. The awesome thing about tools that work for kids? They work for adults too. Watch the video and see if it doesn’t help clarify the side breakfast for your at home grappling work today.

Side kick! Be that awesome shadow kicking figure on the front of every TKD gym. Why not? Besides, not only is it a fun kick, it works too. Watch the video and get to work on your daily at home striking practice.

What to do with your form today? Have fun. Do it with no arms. Do it with no legs. Why? Because it is fun AND it will force you to think about what you’re doing because if you aren’t thinking about what you’re doing then you’re just waving your arms and legs in the air.

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