Day 11 – A new Striking Class!

If you’ve been salivating for more online classes with punches, the wait is over! Dug was kind enough to lead a striking class today and will be leading them every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon on our Facebook page.

And of course, our kid’s class today was rocking! Bridges and ridgehands all class long. The dancing at the end of class is totally optional.

Our final live class of the day was the CrossFit class. Is it still CrossFit if we don’t use barbells? The answer is, if I do it during a CrossFit class, it is CrossFit. Even the crazy sideways hand balance pose I did. Man that was hard.

Special Bonus martial arts content! If you’re missing the vigors of Dave’s takedown class, here is some sprawling solo work.

Until tomorrow! Stay safe, train hard.

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