Day 10 – Handstands, Backfists, and Sit Outs

I’m learning a lot about digital resources. That’s kind of fun. I’m learning about my own coaching by being able to watch myself on screen. Anyway. Enough about me. Here’s what we did today.

For Kid’s class, we worked the backfist and the toe out kick. Lara had us play a game (of hopefully safe) indoor soccer.

For our workout, the skills were: handstand, airplane balance, and the cossack squat. That airplane balance is a doozy.

Need some striking ideas for your solo practice? Try playing with the backfist and some variations.

Going insane without grappling partners? Or maybe you just have one partner? Try the sit through and maybe venture into the challenging world of the sit around. I know. All that sitting around sounds easy… but it isn’t.

Finally, if you’re feeling kata oriented in this time of isolation, try focusing on your striking surfaces. What exactly are you hitting with when you are striking that imaginary opponent?

Stay safe. Practice compassion. Build your skills.

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