Kickboxing class

Your dream of a kickboxing class has been granted. The Wednesday 10am boxing class is now a kickboxing class. Don’t be sad. You can still punch… now you get to kick too!

What will we do in class? Technique, padwork, drills, and sparring.

What kinds of technique? Punches, kicks, evades, blocks, checks… all the things that happen in kickboxing.

What kind of padwork? The fun kind, where sometimes you do prescribed combos and sometimes you freestyle but always you sweat and smile.

What kind of drills? The functional kind, where you work with a partner on timing, distance, and control.

What kind of sparring? Kickboxing, of course! We keep the contact light, and targets include the legs, body, and head. If your terrified of the sparring, don’t worry – you can skip it but we can also scale it and help you find that happy spot of challenge just above being bored and well below being terrified.

Is this a fitness kickboxing class? You’ll sweat but no, we are focused on the sport of kickboxing, solid technique, and the application of those techniques. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the class as a workout opportunity, it merely means you’ll be building skills while getting your heart rate up.

Bring a mouthpiece if you plan on sparring. If you’ve got 16 ounce boxing gloves, bring those. If you’ve got a pair of shin guards, bring those. If you don’t have gear – no worries, you can borrow ours… except mouthpieces. That’s gross. We don’t share those 😁.

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