2 FREE Months Tuition Raffle

Heart starting goodnessWe’re trying to get an AED installed in the gym and (surprise) they are expensive little machines! Help us raise some $$ to make the gym a heart happy place, and at the same time, enter to win the chance to get 2 months of free tuition.

If you’re already a member and you win, we’ll pause your payments for 2 months. If you aren’t already a member and you win, you’ll get 2 free months of training. If you just want to give us money for an AED and you win, we’ll let you give the 2 months to someone else or we’ll pick the next name in the hat.

$10 gets you one ticket and one chance to win. $18 gets you two tickets and two chances to win. $25 gets you three tickets and three chances to win… you don’t have to stop at three. Buy as many as you like!

Punch Cards and Raffles
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