Wally Jones
ankleIn response to a growing realization that he had a weak ground game, Wally started training in BJJ in 2010. What started as a mission to cover a hole grew into a love for grappling. Wally has earned his blue belt in BJJ and is thrilled to have the chance to further work his ground skills and continue to integrate them into the bigger martial picture.

Bill Bradley
imageBill is the head coach at Alive MMA on SE Woodstock. He holds a black belt in BJJ and Judo. Bill loves coaching and it shows. Bill guest teaches at our school on the first Sunday of every month.

Justin Murphy
imageJustin is the coach of the Wednesday 8pm BJJ class. If you like spending half an hour delving deep into a single technique and then trying to get it to work in live sparring, you will love his class. As a rolling partner, he’s awesome at giving the perfect amount of pressure so that you are always challenged and never feel overwhelmed. Justin holds the rank of purple belt in BJJ under coach Bill.