Mo Duk Pai

The Mo Duk Pai program is a broad and practical martial arts program. We cover strikes, kicks, blocks, throws, locks, weapons, grappling, philosophy, teaching, self defense, sparring and fitness. Classes listed as “Mo Duk Pai” on the schedule are open to students of all levels (with the exception of “green +”) and abilities, ages 13 and up.

Sparring class is a chance for students to put on gloves and boots and try to see if all the striking skills that they have learned in class work against a resisting opponent. Most of the time in this class, we play tournament sparring – a game in which the first person to strike gets a point and then the players are separated. Sometimes we will play other striking games like continuous sparring, boxing or kickboxing. All levels and abilities of students are welcome, ages 13 and up. All students who attend are encouraged to wear a mouthpiece and male students are encouraged to wear a groin protector.

In forms class, we work on memorizing and practicing pre-arranged sets of moves – forms. We also work on the application of these moves so that the forms are not isolated dances but are learning tools to further our skills as martial artists. All levels and abilities of students are welcome, ages 13 and up.

The beginner Mo Duk Pai class is just that – a space for new students to learn the basic stances, strikes, kicks, blocks and moves that our program has to offer.  Class consists of a warm up, review of technique, drills that revolve around that technique and then a cool down.  Non beginner students are encouraged to attend to help work with the beginners (as well as get their own separate rank appropriate work out).

Green +
This class is open to adult Mo Duk Pai students with the rank of green or above.  The purpose of the class is to provide an opportunity for students with higher rank to have a chance to train hard together and also build teaching skills that they can use to help all the students in the program.