Mo Duk Pai

The Mo Duk Pai program is a broad and practical martial arts program. We cover strikes, kicks, blocks, throws, locks, weapons, grappling, philosophy, teaching, self defense, sparring and fitness. Classes listed as “Mo Duk Pai” on the schedule are open to students of all levels and abilities, ages 13 and up.

The beginner Mo Duk Pai class is just that – a space for new students to learn the basic stances, strikes, kicks, blocks and moves that our program has to offer.  Class consists of a warm up, review of technique, drills that revolve around that technique and then a cool down.  Non beginner students are encouraged to attend to help work with the beginners (as well as get their own separate rank appropriate work out).

This class is about getting comfortable in the clinch. The term Chi-sao means sticky hands, and the idea is to always stay in contact with your partner. Students will be taught strikes, elbows, kicks, throws, sweeps and anything else you can think of when you’re in tight with your partner.

Want to see if any of this stuff actually works against someone who is trying to stop you? Come to sparring class. We’ve got lots of extra protective gear that you can borrow BUT we don’t have mouthpieces or cups, so if you like wearing those things, bring your own. Class usually consists of a central technique or idea and then about 30 minutes of sparring.