Kid’s Class

Mo Duk Pai
The kid’s Mo Duk Pai program is structured along the same lines as our adult program – it is meant to give students a broad understanding of the martial arts. In addition to skills, students  are taught to develop life skills (respect, courage, compassion, initiative) as they improve in the art.  All skill levels and abilities are welcome in all classes.  Age ranges 7 and up, all levels of experience welcome.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
This ground art is part of our Kid’s Martial Arts program. In these classes we cover throws, sweeps, locks, pins and chokes. Classes usually consist of 40 minutes of technique and 10 minutes of free rolling in which students get a chance to see if the things they are learning work against a resisting opponent. Students may wear comfortable clothes, their regular uniform or a Gi. Wearing the Gi (a very thick and sturdy uniform) helps keep ripped clothes to a minimum and also gives the student an opportunity to earn rank in the art of Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu (separate from their Mo Duk Pai ranking).  Ages 7 and up, all levels of experience welcome.

Sparring class is a chance for students to put on gloves and boots and try to see if all the striking skills that they have learned in class work against a resisting opponent.  In this class, we play tournament sparring – a game in which the first person to strike gets a point and then the players are separated. All levels and abilities of students are welcome, ages 7 and up.

Parkour class is about building up basic movements like jumping, falling, and rolling. With these basic movements, students can then build into the more complex stuff like flipping, spinning, and vaulting off walls. All levels and abilities are welcome, ages 7 and up.

Age specific classes
Our general kid’s classes are for ages 7 and up. We offer a range of classes for ages 3-8. The purpose of all these classes is to provide developmentally appropriate content to students. Each step up in age group represents a corresponding increase in the complexity of the skills taught in that class and the level of focus that will be required of the student. With this in mind, if your child is of an age where multiple options are open to them (for instance, if they are 7 years old they have  the choice of general kids class, or the 5-7) you are welcome to try (or watch) all of the relevant classes and choose the one that fits them best.