Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

In these classes we cover throws, sweeps, locks, pins and chokes. Classes usually consist of 30 minutes of technique and 30 minutes of free rolling in which students get a chance to see if the things they are learning work against a resisting opponent. Students may wear comfortable clothes or a Gi. Wearing the Gi (a very thick and sturdy uniform) helps keep ripped clothes to a minimum and also helps reduce mat burn. All levels and abilities of students are welcome, ages 13 and up.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (No Gi)
This class is simply BJJ practiced without the Gi.  Students should wear a rash guard and shorts.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Standup focus)
For this class, instead of focusing on ground techniques for 30 minutes before playing, we split the technique portion of class in half, spending 15 minutes on throws/takedowns and then 15 minutes on ground techniques that follow from whatever throw we are working that day. We know that throws and takedowns are scary and can be dangerous! We work hard to adjust the speed and intensity so that falling down can be safe for anyone of any experience level. During the sparring portion of class, students are NOT required to start from standing. Students can start from standing and spar, or start from standing with an agreement about how fast they will go, or start from standing knowing which technique one person is going to do, or… you get the idea. We want people to learn standing skills but we want to reduce fear and injury risk as much as possible without taking any of the fun out of it.